Let’s guarantee that working children have new opportunities

Then choose your annual contribution

You contribute with didactic material for children

Support to be able to feed working children

Contribute to the Program: That children do not work

1 full year of education for a boy or girl

All donations count, your help is important!

What is the fate of my help?

Your donations will be used for projects for working Guatemalan children that generate opportunities and changes for the benefit of children.
We believe in alternative education, we facilitate recreational activities, methodologies for the prevention of violence, values ​​and human rights.
Thanks to your donations, more than 400 working girls and boys will have access to education and the necessary tools for their personal development.
We distribute the funds we receive in didactic material, food, health, alternative education, collaborative work.

«In Guatemala there are more than 700 thousand working children waiting for your help.»

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